Active Graphics and Design


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This revised and expanded edition of the popular Active Graphics includes many new topics and incorporates up-to-date curriculum material.
Like the original book, this one aims to introduce and coach the complete beginner to Visual Communication and Graphic Design, from the most basic techniques and concepts through to confident, sophisticated, multimedia productions.

Contents of this book
1.     Equipment Basics and Pathways into the World of Design
2.    The Design Brief, Concepts and Skills, and the Graphic Elements
3.     Typography and Multimedia
4.     Architectural and Environmental Design
5.     Drawing
6.     The Language of Symbols
7.     Graphs
8.     Mapping
9.     Diagrams
10.     Product and Packaging Design
11.     Career Profiles

Ági Korvin
Neville Benazic

ISBN 978 085583 5422

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